Monday, June 11, 2012

Plans and puppies!

Everyone I did what I said I would never do! I got a puppy. Now when I say got I mean more like was given one. My friend found little Bella at a car wash covered in mud and bugs and rescued her. She couldn't keep her and well I'm a sucker so now Bella is apart of our community!

Summer has officially started. Not just judging on weather but also on the school calendar. 7 kids are graduating from high school that go to house of teens! That means that 100% of our seniors are graduating. These kids were told they would never make it to graduation and they are proving everyone wrong! It is truly awesome to be apart of their lives and be alongside them as they all move on to continuing education of some sort! The community they grew up in is made up of 60% non high school graduates. As for summer program we are switching it up a bit! Mondays we are doing service projects Tuesday is office hours and then teen night Wednesday is afternoon at the pool Thursday is office hours and Friday afternoon I will be teaching some of the kids piano and/or guitar! Summer is all about fun time with the kids and some good time to plan for next years program.

Speaking of next year I have decided to stay and do a second volunteer year here in the same spot!! The kids need stability and I need one more year of prep for seminary! Yes I have decided on that too! I'm looking at MDiv/MSW dual degree programs. That is masters of divinity and masters of social work.

In the past month I have been heading up a massive funding campaign and last week we sent out close to 80 request letters to different central Texas foundations. They may be no goes or they may end up giving us support! Pray for the latter! Grants have become my constant project when I am at work but not with the youth. I really like writing them.

I also began reading the Bible on a 6 month plan about 15 days ago. This is the first time I have really sunk myself into the Bible and strangely enough I'm really enjoying the old testament. New testament I'm already familiar with the stories so it's sort of repetitive for me. Just another thing for seminary prep!

Hope you are all doing well! An of you are in Texas drink plenty of water and try not to fry in the coming months!


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  1. Awesome! I'm glad you decided to do a 2nd year. :) One of my housemates in Chicago is doing that as well! You should meet her at orientation...her name is Kiva. I love seeing pictures of your new puppy on Facebook! And you should definitely check out McCormick in Chicago for seminary...that's where I'm going in the fall!! :D